Why Christianity isn’t a form of Escapism

One argument I often hear against Christianity is that Christianity is a form of escapism for the marginalized and the weak; that when you look at the majority of those that become Christians, particularly in the New Testament Bible, many of them were outcasts from society, helpless and poor. Jesus associated himself with these these groups of people for a reason, and not because they were “easy” to convert, but because of their hearts. He knew they would have no other idols to distract and blind their hearts from seeking what they truly want and need (1 Chronicles 28:9; Proverbs 21:2). Materially yes, it is exceptionally hard for those that are wealthy and powerful to enter the kingdom of heaven, e.g. the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) which is summed up perfectly by the last verse: “But Abraham said, ‘If they won’t listen to Moses and the prophets, they won’t listen even if someone rises from the dead.’” But, not all that were marginalized accepted Jesus, and those of high influence in society (wealth), power (political/military), religious and academic institutions, etc. also came to know Christ– for all things are possible through God which we see the conversions of any being as miracles (Matthew 19:24-26).

Jesus being the perfect model for Christians whom meeting suffering face on and dwelling among it actually sets an example for His followers to do the same. Bodies of belief like Buddhism do in fact attempt to form a way for escapism where Siddhartha, known as Buddha, attempted to reach “Nirvana” and escape suffering. Hinduism offers a path to enlightenment by reaching a state of their conscious called “Brahman,” to escape the cycle of death. It’s written that before His crucifixion, Jesus sweated drops of blood, which is biologically possible when a person undergoes severe stress. The torture and shame He went through leading up to the crucifixion was of the deepest pain physically and mentally–it’s a wonder how Jesus was able to carry the cross when there was barely any more blood and strength left as even crowds scorned him along the way–how demoralizing and dehumanizing that must have been. We then finally get to the crucifixion which is supposed to be the most painful and excruciating form of death ever invented by man. And with his dying breath he cried out an Old Testament prophecy in Psalm 22: “My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?” Later in the Psalm David writes: “14I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart has turned to wax; it has melted away within me. 15 My strength is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; you lay me in the dust of death. 16 Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet. 17 I can count all my bones; people stare and gloat over me. 18 They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.” This was clearly a prophetic song as this would never happen to a king like David to begin with, but we can clearly see in text alone how void, empty, and lonely it must have been where Jesus was. He literally broke and poured himself out for you and me (Matthew 26:26-28).

Jesus being fully God, was born into royalty and extreme poverty, chose to live and walk among the marginalized living a life despised and hated, all the way up to his death where He willfully went through the pain and punishment we as sinners should have undergone instead. No where do you see “escapism” in the life of Jesus and no where in his teachings do you see him telling others to do so. He did provide a new way that did not require Gentiles and Jews to follow all the laws of the Pharisees for He said “for my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” That may be the only closest thing to “escapism” as even you and I would not have been able to follow the laws of these Pharisees. He lived out the Kingdom of God, acting in love in every intentional step He took and taught about the mysteries of the Kingdom, that all who received Jesus as Christ and obeyed his teachings can enter and live out Kingdom lives. He shows us a simple way to know God, but simple does not always mean easy as Jesus says in Luke 14.

If you look at Christianity today in America, one can see how an outsider looking in can come to a conclusion that Christianity is indeed a way of escapism. Suburbia with all its material comforts and havens might be argued as a physical manifestation of escapism. The comforts and trappings of bubble wrapped communities put greater inertia for believers to overcome the even greater coefficient friction between comfort and obeying the commandment to love and disciple. We learn in Luke 10 that our neighbors aren’t just those physically in our proximity, nor are they those with the same beliefs, culture, status.  But we see many who faithfully steward the many blessings we enjoy in Western society and serve as salt and light as well. More recently, the late Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” was a great example of a woman who feared the Lord and stewarded the gospel. She is known for restoring prestige and honor to Britain taking it from economic and military lethargy to once again a competitive economy and reckoned power and did so by conviction without compromise. Her boldness and courage and can be summed with her famous quote, “the Lady’s not for turning.” God indeed has the power to restore us to the glory that we were made for; Margaret Thatcher’s work provides the world a glimpse of the redemptive power of God even in State and politics.

So you see at every point in Jesus’ life He himself showed humility, meeting every bit of suffering head on, experiencing it to the very depths himself, but even through that He was triumphant through the resurrection. He was able to display absolute power through complete and total weakness. As Christians we need to ask ourselves, where is the suffering–it could be in our families, friends, our neighbors–and run towards it instead of pretending that we recognize the shallowness of our own problems and leave it at that. It pains me to even put these thoughts into “ink” as it solidifies and reminds me of my many shortcomings, and the perfect example that Jesus led.

In His Grace.




Review (Music): Zedd – Clarity

First music review. I think my primary purpose for doing this is to help me remember the artists and the whys and hows (why and how I like/dislike) of their work and in doing so, sharing with others what I enjoy. I am no professional critique.. just using means available to express myself.

Clarity (2012)

File:Zedd Clarity.jpg

  • Anton Zaslavski, a 24 year old Russian-German producer
  • Born to two musicians, classically trained musician starting with the piano and drums at an early age

With access to so much music out there these days, the word “fresh” now describes and defines good, new music. A lot of artists look for the next great sound, beat, melody, so on and all I can say is.. dubstep. And not in a good way. I enjoy the chaotic yet melodic beats of dubstep, but in pursuit of uniqueness, artists have found a genre that attracts pretentious individuals seeking identity in “individuality” over merit. Thankfully, Zedd incorporates elements of dubstep in a more presentable way. Clarity is fresh. Using his background you can hear subtle classical elements mixed into some tracks and he does a really good job of not stretching out the same beats more than it needs to, but instead builds them up into climactic points. Not quite as drum & bass can, but still in fantastic lose-yourself form. It’s disappointing that the genre of Progressive Trance never really “progressed” over the years, Tiesto and many other big names fail to deliver the next big thing in Trance. Artists like ATB, and Above & Beyond, however, seem to know what people have been looking for in that genre.. at least certain elements. To its defense, Trance is different from Electronic Dance, but I wanted to point out that Zedd has really taken some great sounds and elements of Trance and spun it well into his music. Now for each song, I won’t list all the songs, but some that have been on repeat:

Shave It Up – The beginning of the song made me want to run away as it screamed all the negative parts of dubstep, but it quickly changes sound into a more retro electronic sound then goes back to confusing mind numbing trash. Maybe that’s why it’s called Shave It Up. Towards the end the song shifts to orchestrated strings slowly bringing you back to sanity. I think the last 30 seconds makes this piece worth battling through.

Spectrum – Electronic music never had strong vocals, lyrically. Most of the time it seems the lyrics are molded to fit into the overall song rather than the other way around and not worth listening to at all. This sort of continues that trend of fist-pump anthem type lyrics, though I think Calvin Harris somehow brought more attention to the lyrics in terms of the quality of vocals and focus. Nothing complex, but bringing more substance. This song has a few sounds that I absolutely love.. I don’t know if there are words for these particular sounds, but the climactic stretch towards the middle really helps explain it.. ambient, retro bits, synthetic, with some not too heavy beats.

Lost at Sea ft. Ryan Tedder – One of my favorites of this album. No crazy sounds and beats here. The vocals and lyrics were actually worth listening to and went well with the overall track. Multiple great build ups and crashes.

Clarity – Lyrics don’t make much sense here, but it is catchy. Another fist-pump anthem type music, with a mellow melody that is easy to listen to.

Follow You Down – Some good elements of Trance doted around in this one which jumps into great peaks that Dance offers. Lyrics don’t offer much help to what was mentioned earlier, but it helps to get you into the music–if that makes sense.

Looking forward I would love it if Zedd incorporated more sounds produced from strings and the keyboard. He’s shown that he can make great beats and melodies on top of that. I think he knows the sounds to make great tracks and am really looking forward to his future work. Perhaps experimenting with Trance with the likes of Gareth Emery and so on.. but it appears think there’s more money to be made with this type of music, at least for now. Him working with Skrillex and Lady Gaga on some songs might be pulling him in the wrong direction, but their success shows how talented this guy is.


Theory: The more overtime you work on a salary paying job, the more likely you are to shop, or going a step further, take part in destructive activities. Like all things, where shopping doesn’t always = destructive, but can be. Roots and progression? A false sense of positive reinforcement; to reward oneself in guise creating a nonexistent defecit which can then lead to entitlement.

Facebook at the very root can also be called Identitybook.


2012 in review

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” – Colossians 3:3

2012-01-07 13.31.22

A year of tears and joy; discovery and revelation; sharpening and maturing; growth. Looking back to capture highlights and themes brings awe and brokenness, worship, praise and thanksgiving.

  • Fellowship (Ephesians 4)
    • Small groups
  • Outreach (Matthew 28:18-20)
    • Loammi Trip, Clarkston
  • The Word (Hebrews 4:12)
  • Family (1 Corinthians 13:4-7, Ephesians 6:1-2)
  • Relationships (Hebrews 10:24-25)
  • Job (Colossians 3:23)
  • Giving [finances, time, effort-mind and strength] (2 Corinthians 9:7)
    • FPU, Family, Ministry
  • Revelations (Ephesians 4:18, Exodus chapters 7-12)

Paul strived for the prize. For the longest time I’ve wanted to know how he did it. God granted clarity proceeds into this: Diligence into the head who is Christ. There are many times where I question my motives for every “good” deed and acts of service, but I have come to realize that it is all about the heart–as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:3 “If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.” At first this gave cause for concern as I thought surely many things I have done were out of selfish motives, but as I wrestled for what seemed like forever, God has granted me peace knowing that His will at the end of the day will be done whether I have done something out of love or not, or even took action or not. It’s impossible to know the Will of God who presides in the heavenly realm, but God who is gracious, merciful and compassionate, shows signs and speaks truths to us and through diligence and obedience into Christ and the Word, that is how we can begin to know.

In every struggle God provided. In every victory God provided. Fellowship continues to feed my human soul and release my shortcomings. Many thanks to special brothers and sisters that have been put in my life for unique reasons. 2013 may be a continuation of many of these themes and highlights and a new chapter for some. Whatever happens though I will strive for the prize. Thanks be to God.

Convicted to live by this quote from William Borden. “No regrets.”

Verizon Galaxy Nexus & ICS Review

When I found out Verizon was not going to get the long hopeful Samsung Galaxy S2 I was devastated and absolutely bewildered at Verizon. After switching to Verizon to get grandfathered into their unlimited data plan it would only require a few moments of patience to get my hands on the S2 with the not too wild hope of 4G capability. After months passed and hearing announcement upon announcement of the phone being released in other countries and carriers I gave up on Verizon and regretted what I thought was a smart move. And then, rumors of the next Google phone emerged and rekindled hopes. Alas, my hands are filled and my life is connected. Was all the wait worth it?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Ive been dying for a phone with a build quality and aesthetics like the iPhone. The S2 was the closest offering in terms of design and appeal. The Galaxy Nexus features a beautiful yet huge 4.65″ display with 720p resolution, a 1.2Ghz dual core ARM Cortex A9 CPU, 4G LTE, 32gb internal storage, on a TI OMAP 4460 chipset. The appeal stops however with the camera, with great disappointment. The S2 and the iPhone 4S offer amazing cameras yet the Galaxy Nexus falls short of the mark. The Nexus would have been complete if equipped with a better camera as I was looking for a phone that doubled as a point and shoot. Granted, it takes very decent pictures and I love the panoramic feature, just drag your phone across and it automatically stitches together a panoramic photo. It also captures pictures blistering fast, try instant–it took me a while to figure out that i was capturing pictures because it was so fast. But still, its the one great sigh to a potentially perfect phone.

Android 4.0, Look & Feel

This is my 2nd Android device, first being the extremely disappointing G1. Im glad I didn’t switch to another Android device between then and now as it makes this new device that much more amazing. Rooting the G1 quelled many short comings but it still didnt offer a complete solution to the lack of quality and quantity of apps, and smoother experiences. I held onto the Google core apps ie. Gmail and Navigation like no other and they became the only good things about Android—until now. Ice Cream Sandwich completely blew me away in terms of the ui, experience, apps, everything.

Despite the plastic build, the Nexus has a solid feel to it. It’s no iPhone, but there is a unique look to it that sets it apart from the sea of Android phones thanks to its subtle curve, thin profile, and huge display that gazes into your soul. The decision to build main buttons into the software rather than onto the phone itself really makes this phone a marvel to look at. The new Roboto font is simple and elegant which pervades the whole look and feel of the user interface. The ui is dark, sleek, like a boss. It is night and day when you look at ICS and the previous version, Gingerbread. Thanks to the iPhone we must ask, is it simple and intuitive? Not quite. Google’s attempt to answer the gaping issue of defragmentation in user experience can clearly be seen, but remains in the hands of developers whether or not all app experiences stay consistent.  Their universal menu button is yet to be utilized across many apps I’ve seen, but a great effort can be seen on Google’s part to address fragmentation issues.

Its fast. Smooth transitions, fast launches, with consistent performance even while running countless apps in the background can be attributed to the dual core processor and 1gb of ram. Occasionally there will be hiccups and long waits for apps to load (Facebook, terrible), but usually its due to waiting for data to be received and loaded. One thing that comes haunting from the past is the random shut downs that occur once in a while. This is unacceptable and reveals that Android is just not there yet. The keyboard is easy to use and auto correct does a great job aiding in keeping the flow going. Despite the grandeur display it does affect the ease of using the phone with one hand; it’s nearly impossible typing smoothly with one hand leaving you to settle with two hands.

Multitasking is one of the great features of Android 4.0, with one touch you have access to open up whatever app, browser, etc. you had opened since powering on your phone. It’s amazing how far back it keeps all these instances in the memory.

There is a new face unlock feature, but I am not able to use it as using Exchange Email disables security features such as this and the patterned grid. The Google Talk has video chat capabilities where you can have fun with your friends and family by choosing distortion settings on your lens. Had some good laughs through these silly features!


The app landscape has grown remarkably since I have last seen it without discounting quality. Again the experience is a bit inconsistent as you’re forced to learn how different apps work, but great improvements can be seen. Google’s integration of core apps continue to be a strong point of Android. I love Navigation and Gmail, and for that alone I love Android. Android devices can finally rid the need of a second music player with the addition of Google Music. The ability to play music anywhere from “the cloud” is a great offering from Android and couples well with the 32gb Nexus. The ability to play flash content is wonderful as now I am able to stream media without hiccup with 4G through Amazon Prime. Google Chrome Beta for Android was recently released and so far it’s a solid browser. I naturally choose to view sites through Chrome now and love that it syncs to my desktop bookmarks. No flash support however, but that is not a big deal for me.


Call quality is terribly disappointing. At first I thought it was due to the poor signal strength because of my location, but even in areas with great signal strength there is a robotic sound to people’s voices. It is hard to hear clearly the other person and I find myself asking others to repeat themselves, repeatedly. I hope this is just a software issue or some sort of temporary issue with Verizon, but I fear it is neither. When plugged in it is the same ordeal and I often hear some slight static with all my headphones, and when plugged into my car. It will go away time to time but is very annoying. Music sounds decent however and the static either disappears or is unnoticeable. There are also apps that allow you to play uncompressed audio files and tweak the eq to your liking. The speaker is not as loud as hoped either and is almost rendered useless when in noisy areas. All in all the sound portion of the phone seems half-assed.


Battery life is abysmal with 4G turned on lasting up to 6 hours of heavy use streaming audio and video and using apps such as Facebook and Twitter. Although the screen is an AMOLED screen which is supposed to use less juice, I suppose the sheer size of the screen overshadows any battery efficiencies. Thankfully the slim profile of the phone compensates for any added bulk from a need of a bigger battery. It is frustrating having to plan your day ahead and consciously know that if you’re not back near a plug within a handful of hours you’re disconnected. I did buy a newer battery with about 10% more capacity and did notice a minor increase in up time to a point where I now only need to charge once a day, however the new Razr Maxx absolutely blows this battery out of the water.


No doubt this is the best Android device available now. Despite some of the shortcomings, it is a gorgeous device and a quick one too. ICS is fantastic and really shows Google’s commitment to making Android the platform to use from the average user to the geeks. I’m unconvinced that your grandma or mom will find it simple to use still (this is where the strengths of custom ROMs from hardware manufacturers shine), but clearly Google seeks to make Android a smooth and relatively simple experience.

I would have loved to see more customizable features in the notification tray or the lock screen, but currently it seems only custom ROMs will be your only channel to do so. The problem of fragmentation can be seen when seeing the spread of reviews across many apps and already we see countless announcements of new Android devices in CES alone which conjures up fears that my phone will be outdated within a matter of months. However, Google has taken a huge step forward in the right direction with ICS; it’s not perfect, but the argument for Android is much easier for the average user and there is still plenty to be excited about.


  • Beautiful device physically and ui wise.
  • Huge 4.65″ 720p screen for media consumption
  • Blistering fast data speeds
  • Improved Android experience


  • Poor battery life with 4G
  • Occasional crashes and shut downs
  • Random issues with connectivity
  • Fragmentation still noticeable in apps

Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Review

Amnesia is a first-person horror story developed by Frictional Games. The story takes place in 1839 and starts with you, Daniel, waking up not knowing where you are, how you got there and why you are there. You soon find out some clues to why you are where you are, but are urged to continue regardless as something is after you.

Despite the fact that I absolutely do not handle horror genre anything very well I had to check out Amnesia out of sheer curiosity because of the reviews it has been receiving. This is coming from someone who played half-way through Dead Space and stopped. So because of all this, me and a couple friends actually played through most of Amnesia together on Skype. It was the least bit of comfort we could have as we were all terrified, together.

The game escapes from most other horror games as it leaves you absolutely defenseless. You are a normal being with no special powers, weapons, or steroid induced muscles prone to losing your sanity and being killed in an instant. All you have is a lamp which you must find oil to fuel it. You will find tinderboxes that will help you light candles and torches throughout the castle, but everything is limited.

You explore the windy, cold hollow castle looking for a way out. Occasional glimpses of light and the outside world can be seen and you long so desperately for the warmth to kiss you. But you must move on. Suddenly you hear footsteps not your own. You become frozen with instant paralysis. Chilling tunes quickly fill your mind and send chills all through your body. Your mind instantly registers it as an enemy. All you want to do is move your eyes not wanting to see the horror that ensues. It gains speed and is coming after you. You break into a frantic run, it doesn’t matter where, somewhere. You don’t dare look back as you hear the monstrous creature(s) chase after you while dreadful tunes continue to fuel your fear. You find a dark corner and stare at the cold ground. It’s still coming to you! How??? The lamp! You shut it off and continue to look into the ground with wide open eyes. Out of sight, out of mind. Seconds pass, the monster is no longer to be heard, you slowly poke your head out and make a terrified decision whether to turn your light back on and continue or stay a bit longer. You muster up all the mental strength you can gather and continue, your sanity returns.. all is well, for now.

The game is crafted in a way where you can’t help but become Daniel. Decisions must be made whether or not to light your lamp and use your oil, or to light candles. Soon you find yourself fighting for your own survival. Once you see an unnatural creature, the longer you stare at it the more you lose your sanity. You’re forced to run and hide even in darkness where every second your sanity is closer and closer to being reduced to mere ellipses.

Throughout the story there are puzzle like problems and items you must create to continue your descent. Creepy music, and unexpected events and sounds play with your mind. The atmosphere is tense and causes you to seriously question whether or not you want to continue. These elements are all fearfully put together to create one terrifying experience. One aspect that added to the experience was that when your sanity becomes non-existent, your actions become exaggerated and your vision becomes blurry. One small turn with the mouse will cause you to turn a full 90 degrees. You start hallucinating and it becomes a battle to keep your mind, not just Daniel’s, yours.

Granted I played through it with help of friends while on Skype, but every second I wanted the story to be over. The game doesn’t shove terrifying moments one after the other, but rather brilliantly gives you time to regain composure all the while still leaving you in the realm of the unknown–keeping you on your toes.  The gameplay was a whole new experience, the feeling of helplessness is incredible. From the beginning you’re told to play not just to beat the game, but to immerse yourself. I’ll tell you, I did the best I could not to, but my mind just got sucked in. The plot is good for what it is, nothing great, it did its job to setup the story. The graphics are nothing to write home about; the HPL2 Engine is well made to keep up with today’s graphic “standards” so it won’t feel like you’re playing an outdated game. The sounds while not many, are well made and really puts the whole experience together. I believe sounds are ultimately what makes a horror game/movie horrific. Dead Space delivers great range and quality of sounds, but much of Dead Space is cheap thrills. While Amnesia does play creepy ambiance to foreshadow something, there are no cheap in your face scares, but a fear that overcomes your mind. The fact that you are a normal person bound to the whim of these devilish beings with just a oil lamp to guide your way creates a unique experience and is what sets this game apart from most other horror games. The game does its best to thrill not by in your face moments, but rather tries to steadily overcome your mind, and for that this game deserves to be checked out.

Plot: 80/100
Graphics: 85/100
Sound: 90/100
Gameplay: 90/100
Overall: 86%

God is Faithful

2010 was rather a difficult and trying year. I’ve experienced some of the most trying times of my life emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I questioned friendships and the motives of others, battled through bitterness, perhaps maybe even depression, and myself. After thinking about it for months, and as I enter the new year, I’m beginning to realize and understand why I went through such dark times. I want to confess that much of what I went through and was consumed by was because of my selfishness. I had been serving for several years and spent countless hours, and weekends serving. Thinking back through my collegiate years, I can honestly say “free” weekends were non-existent. These were some thoughts that consumed my mind as there seemed to have been a sudden shift from God to me. “I’ve done so much and for what?” Even as I type this, you can count the number of “I” and “me” there are in this post. Despite much of my true motives in serving were hidden behind the banner of good, I thank God that I was able to be obedient all these times. God has grown me through discipline and has made me even stronger by helping me overcome this mountain in my life. He has placed a few important figures in my life and I thank them from my heart for being there and supporting me. A lot of walls were made the past few months and God has been gently breaking them down. There are still many more fronts to be put away, but I can only hope and pray God will tread lightly through people I trust, and will meet this year. I admit I still struggle with myself and my thoughts are persistent, but especially in the last few weeks through the youth group winter retreat and most recently the college group winter retreat, I’ve experienced fellowship that I desperately longed for. This fellowship filled the void that has filled me for so long. It was no coincidence that we got stuck an extra day. That extra day of fellowship really turned my desire of community into reality. Something that resonated within my heart from the college group retreat was this statement by Paul in Philippians 3:8 “What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ.” In 2011, it’s not about me. I want to continue to examine my heart and make sure it leads to God.

How To Install AngryBirds On Your G1/HTC Dream

So apparently AngryBirds the game does not work for the G1 anymore. If you try to download the .apk file from www.getjar.com and choose the HTC Dream as the phone destination, you will get a message saying this phone is not supported. I had the game for my G1 for a couple weeks and it worked perfectly fine (apart from slow performance on some levels). However, I recently performed a complete wipe and tried to reinstall, but kept getting a message that there was not enough space. I obviously had plenty of space and yet it still did not work. I looked around for another solution and came across this site: www.underthepurplesky.com/2010/10/solutions-to-the-failure-installation-of-angry-birds-for-android/

I attempted solution 2 as the first one I knew was not going to work for my case.
It’s important to note that you need a modded ROM such as Cyanogen for this to work.

Since I didn’t want to go through the hassle of looking up commands I downloaded a GUI that took care of ADB (Android Debug Bridge). Instead of the one that the above mentioned, I chose Android Commander which worked just fine for this particular case.

Here’s what to do:

1.  Install the Android SDK: http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
2.  Install Android Commander: http://androidcommander.com/?file_id=7
3.  Open Android Commander and make sure the system path is set to where the adb.exe is.
4.  Hook your phone up to the computer
5.  Download the .apk from GetJar (I just chose HTC Magic as my phone to get around downloading, and downloaded it to my computer).
6.  In Android Commander copy the .apk file to your phone’s SD card and click ‘Install’

You should now see AngryBirds in your phone! Now get them pigs!

Car Colors & What They Say About You

This post is entirely for fun and should not be taken seriously and is not backed up by credible research. (:

We see all sorts of different colored cars each day and all sorts of different people driving these cars. Some take pride in their cars, some see it as an extension of their personality, some see it as a thing with wheels that takes them from point A to point B, whatever they see it as, I think the color of people’s cars reveal some traits about people.

You are suave. So very suave. You most likely have tinted windows as well to make you even more.. suave. You drive down the road and look through your heavily tinted window at people and think to yourself, “I’m so suave.” You let your car do all the talking. Your primary reason in getting a black car is to portray masculinity, power, complexity, and mystery. If you’re a woman, it’s to portray power, sophistication-elegant yet bold, tucked prowess. Your words carry weight. Your enemy is the silver car—you will not be outdone by some neutral pitiful color! When put in a room with another black colored car driver, things can get tense. It’s a hit or miss if the opposite sex has a black colored car as well.

You’re hip to all the latest trends. You’re also street smart. You are a liberal arts major. You portray coolness, but at risk for passing off as feminine. You say to the world, “I’m cool and I can back it up.” You carry an outward mask of indifference. You’re a doer as you constantly keep your car spot free and waxed throughout the seasons. You like to flash your moves in traffic and play music loud. If you don’t have tinted windows, then you’re old or frugal and see tinted windows as more a novelty than a necessity. You match well with many different colors though sometimes there is some unseen tension when you come across a black colored car driver.

You’re the average Joe, with unexpected tricks up your sleeve. There is a whole range of things about you, but outwardly you appear neutral to many things. You are indecisive, but you are a smart shopper. You’re the late adopter of trends and like to be safe. You have many different talents and skills that many people overlook. You appear to be boring, but enjoy doing many things. You recently bought Apple stock. You go well with many different colors except black and maybe white. Black is too good for you and white abuses you. Mediator of the two? Perhaps.

Yellow (Racing Yellow)
The spirit of the sports car is in your blood. You are bold. Maybe a little too bold. You are haughty. Borderline egregious. You like attention. You don’t care what others think as everything you say or do is fact. Or, you just absolutely love the color yellow, but most likely you chose yellow to grab unsolicited attention. You desire to fill the void in everyone’s peripheral vision. You also have a personalized license plate saying “IOWNYOU.” You wish your license plate could include more letters so you can say “IOWNYOUSOGOOD.”

Dark Blue
You’re a mystery. You’re a little odd. You’re closely related to silver cars. You’re quiet and humble. You have a modest car and never go above 3000rpm. You go well with darker colored cars and neutral ones. You’re a deep thinker, but never express the conclusions you’ve reached. You need someone with a white car to help you bring out your potential. Or you can find a silver car driver and live happily ever after.

Red (Plain)
You’re out of this world. Fun. Mature. You’re going to keep your car until it dies because you love everything about it. Or, you’re a socially awkward person with a dangerous persona and appear to be weak to the public. If not, then you want a family.

You are unique. Flexible. Responsible. You have to teach black and white a lesson from time to time. You bought this maroon car knowing it’s maroon and that it’s different, perhaps not your first choice, but you’ll make it work. Everything you do has your signature touch to it. You have mahogany furniture. If you don’t, unconsciously, you do.

You are what people call a man’s man. Despite your car giving off a flowery aroma, you own the road. People double take at you and become envious. Who thought of this color? You are the trend setter. Jawsome.

Other Colors
There are too many. Sorry!


My first entry! I have always wanted to blog consistently about my everyday happenings, thoughts, ideas, etc, but have been disheartened by the thought of others judging me through the way I present things, things I talk about, and so on. I don’t want to be a washed out blogger like many were with xanga, but xanga did appeal to the adolescent.

There are no real set themes of topics I want to present through this blog and I have no motif to gather a wide audience. However, I do hope that I would be able to open up new perspectives, questions, perhaps even experiences through these freestyles of words crafted together to form new meaning.

So here’s a question: Have you ever experienced something completely new and couldn’t put a word on how to describe it? Sure you can say you were in awe, you can use several different words to describe it, but there’s something missing. It doesn’t give justice to what your eyes feasted on, to the exact feeling you felt when standing, sitting, driving, whatever you were doing. You ultimately admit defeat and sigh a reluctant, “you just had to be there.” Even the perfect photo couldn’t replicate the emotions, thoughts, and awe that gushed from your mysterious human brain. And even if he/she was there there’s a crazy chance that he/she could be caught scrambling for a completely different expression! The English language, there’s no limit. Only human mortality holds the language back. It itself is like a independent living organism continually multiplying. There are words and expressions for everything and multiple other words for the same things yet with slight elegant differences. The color blue itself holds practically an infinite number of shades–each rightfully owed a name. We have words for even the unknown. There has to be people who live lives seeking new experiences to coin new words. There has to be those who are experiencing the undiscovered yet they don’t even know it. It’s like a whole new dimension. I have sometimes been frustrated by the Korean language because of the lack of vocabulary. The one word fits all I often find gives off a sense of incompleteness and anxiousness. I’m not fluent in Korean, but I have found myself in many situations where I had to use an English word to describe something; or when my Korean speaking cousins would resort to English to give an accurate description.

Does anyone else find beauty in the language we speak daily? What do you appreciate about the English language?